Mattei Air Compressor Blade Series 4 - 11

Mattei Air Compressor Blade Series 4 - 11


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Mattei Air Compressor Blade Series 1S/90 - 2S/90

Mattei Air Compressor Blade Series 1S/90 - 2S/90

Mattei Air Compressor Blade Series S 4 L - S 11 L

Mattei Air Compressor Blade Series S 4 L - S 11 L

Mattei Air Compressor Blade Series 4 - 11

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Mattei 4 - 11
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ROTARY VANE TECHNOLOGY, Maximum Reliability & Efficiency

Maximum efficiency of the air compression process, excellent reliability and low maintenance costs are just some of the key benefits that Mattei rotary vane technology offers. The vane compressor is a positive displacement rotary compressor consisting of a stator cylinder in which a rotor is eccentrically mounted. The rotor has slots in which the specially profiled blades are free to slide, riding on a thin film of oil which provides lubrication and a perfect seal between the blades and the stator wall during rotation.


Complete with receiver it takes up only 1.00 square meter.

BLADE: the ideal solution for your business.

The BLADE compressor range, with operating pressures from 8 to 13 bar, is the ideal solution for the needs of small and medium sized companies as well as artisan businesses.

The rotary vane technology ensures high quality compressed air, an extremely compact airend and low noise levels. All combined with undisputed product reliability for any application.


  • 1. oil filter
  • 2. air/oil separator
  • 3. air/oil cooler
  • 4. thermostatic valve
  • 5. safety valve
  • 6. pressure probe
  • 7. controller
  • 8. oil receiver
  • 9. on/off load solenoid valve
  • 10. air intake filter
  • 11. airend
  • 12. cooling fan
  • 13. electric motor
  • 14. temperature probe
  • 15. transmission

Air Comp | Mattei BLADE 4 - 11 Compressor


MAESTRO XB is a programmable controller which regulates the operation of the compressor to suit the specific requirements of the air distribution system. It has different programming levels and special options for controlling and analysing the operation and faults.


Two aluminium radiators efficiently cool both the oil and compressed air. Cooling is an important factor during the compressed air production process, as it helps to increase system efficiency and reliability.


Mattei’s precision engineered cast iron blades, guaranteed for 100,000 hours, ensure optimum performance and efficiency throughout the life of the compressor.

Extended Warranty

Air Comp | Mattei BLADE Compressor

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