Enduracomp VPM Compressor

Enduracomp VPM Compressor


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Enduracomp SCF Compressor

Enduracomp SCF Compressor

Enduracomp VPM Compressor

Variable Speed SCREW Technology
Permanent Magnet Motor
Exceeds Super Premium I E 4 Efficiency Rating
As low as £4,380.00
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E VPM Comp
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Air Comp | Enduracomp VPM Compressor


The ENDURACOMP VPM series variable speed drive air compressors are synonymous with energy saving.

Built with better than IE4 Super Premium Efficiency oil Cooled / air Cooled permanent magnet motor and Schneider PM drive system, these machines really do reduce the carbon footprint.

No other manufacturer has better efficiency rated technology. If your aim is to save money on your running costs, whilst fulfilling your obligation to helping the Planet, then the ENDURACOMP VPM compressors are the way forward.

Air Comp | Enduracomp VPM Compressor

Full Feature Up to 15KW – Mounted on air receiver complete with filtration and condensate management.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pipe Into Air Receiver – Correct pipework design into tank first, this aids better condensate removal and compressed air treatment.

Refrigerant Dryer – Removes unwanted water from compressed air to a level that is suited by most industrial applications.

Stainless Steel Pipework – Neat and tidy stainless steel pipework saving space, whilst preventing development of internal rust or debris.

Pre and After Filtration – Particle and oil removal down to 0.01 micron, to help keep downstream equipment clean and reliable.

Correctly Sized Air Receiver – Sized in accordance with the British Compressed Air Society “best practice porgram”.

Condensate Drain Set – Reliable condensate drain with all pipework attached ready for simple connection to oil water separator.

Condensate Separator – Correctly sized STERLING oil water separator provided with every ENDURACOMP VPM compressor to keep you in line with your legal obligation.

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