* Purchases of £350 or more for baskets exlcuding pipes. * Purchases of £500 or more for baskets including pipes. * Free delivery on all compressors.

Typical installations carried out by Air Compressor Systems

Principle of Operation

Mattei manufactures a wide range of high quality and reliable rotary vane air compressors from 1.5kW (2HP) - 250kW (335HP), with free air deliveries from 0.16m3/min (6cfm) - 44m3/min (1,555cfm).

Mattei offer a 10 year unlimited hours warranty on the air end as long is the compressor is service and maintained by a certified Mattei distributor.

Air Comp | Air Compressor Sales, Installations & Maintenance

Air Comp | Air Compressor Sales, Installations & Maintenance

Service Department

Industrial compressed air systems require periodic maintenance to operate at peak efficiency and to reduce costly downtime. Inadequate maintenance can increase energy consumption due to lower compression efficiency, air leakage or pressure drops. Poor maintenance can also lead to high operating temperatures (often fatal), poor moisture control (deadly to quality), excessive contamination (ouch! more repair bills), and unsafe working environments. Generally, each of these starts as a minor issue, but can mushroom into big trouble if undetected and untreated.

After you have designated someone in your plant to take full responsibility for your compressed air system and associated components, Air Compressor Systems is ready to team up with your maintenance supervisor to make sure your air compressor system keeps running at peak efficiency. It’s a team effort and we stand ready to contribute our share to a winning maintenance strategy.

Air Compressor Systems can provide preventive maintenance programs for your compressor, compressed air dryer, blower, booster, chillers, cooling systems, vacuum systems or any mechanical device in your mechanical room. We can schedule Annual Maintenance where it’s appropriate. We are ready 24 hours a day to provide emergency repairs and rentals.